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About us

Charlie Hall had a vision in 1993 – Make good American Made Products that people can really use. Make them well – make them here – make them affordable. Buddeez manufacturing has taken this simple yet practical approach to molding other customer’s products. We know firsthand what your products mean to you and your customers. Our daily goal is to meet and exceed your expectations. The following will highlight why molding your product at Buddeez makes good cents!


Buddeez is proud to say that its production team has over 200 years of combined molding and tooling experience. The average team member has better than 15 years of experience. There isn’t much our team hasn’t done, molded or built. We are truly blessed with one of the most dedicated teams in our industry and they are ready to go to work for you.


Any molder can mold product – but at Buddeez – we mold quality oriented products that exceed our customer’s requests. Because that is the Buddeez mentality – we don’t cut corners – we don’t do cheap imitation or substitutions. Buddeez has built its reputation as a high quality and reliable molder that you can count on for quality products done the right way and delivered on time.


Buddeez is proud to be certified as:

  • NSF Compliant Facility
  • Certified Walmart Global Secure Facility
  • Approved Co-Packer for Mars Pet Care
  • Eastman Chemical Approved Tritan Facility


Buddeez vast molding experience – has lent itself well to our ability to mold various different and challenging materials. Buddeez utilizes all commodity and specialized resins for its customers. We are fully equipped with the necessary machines, loaders and dryers to tackle virtually any material or job. Please contact our sales team for additional information and capabilities.


Buddeez has 134,000 square feet of warehousing backed up by a terrific staff and team to bring your materials in and ship your finished goods out. We are a shipping point for several Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Buddeez is located in a major trucking lane with Interstate 44 and Interstate 70 within minutes of our facility.

What We Believe

As an employee, you are a part of our Buddeez family.

We believe it is important that we state and adhere to our fundamental core values. Those beliefs and values are the driving force behind everything we do at Buddeez. We believe that if we get this right, our business will be conducted in a manner that is pleasing and honoring to God.

That is our whole purpose, and everyone in Buddeez leadership must be unwavering in the pursuit of that goal.

We understand that the role of every employee within our organization is important. We will provide leadership that values the contributions and hard work of all our employees.

Core Values

We will conduct all business in a fair and God-honoring manner.

We will do what is right (even when no one is looking).

We will treat others in a manner that builds them up, never tears them down.

We will seek ways to increase and grow our influence by taking responsibility.

Servant Leadership
It will always be “WE” and not “I”

We will always be and act like a winner with our team.

Supporting Actions for Success

  • Be honest
  • Be accountable
  • Be dependable
  • Be professional
  • (regardless of your position)
  • Be helpful
  • Be a team player
  • Maintain a “Customer First” attitude
  • Be humble
  • Be kind
  • Be passionate
  • Pay attention to details
  • Be compassionate
  • Be positive
  • Be deliberate
  • Be trustworthy
  • Be motivating
  • Pursue excellence in all things


Buddeez is a nationally recognized plastics injection-molding company that has a highly skilled team of professionals ready to go to work for you and your company. We have a large variety of machine sizes, product handling and decoration equipment with a talented shop to fabricate virtually any automation or fixturing required. We have the ability to bring in any material in any format; bag, box, bulk-truck, or railcar. Whether you call it OEM, Custom-Molding or Contract Manufacturing, we look forward to being your production partner.

Injection Machine

Buddeez has diverse machines capability with tonnage ranges from 120 ton – 1500 ton.

For more information regarding our injection machines, call us at (636) 583-2583.

Robotics & Automation

Every Buddeez machine is equipped with robotics. This is to insure the most efficient molding possible. In addition, Buddeez fabrication shop can design and build fixturing and/or automation to insure the highest quality, cost effective outcome for you and your products.

no material too difficult

Buddeez customers require no excuses when they bring us a project and fortunately Buddeez is equipped and staffed with the best machinery and people our industry has to offer. No material is too difficult and no decoration too complicated. From Copolyesters to In-Mold Logos – You can rest assured you are in good hands at Buddeez.

Mold Maintenance and repair

Buddeez has a fully-staffed tool room – capable of performing general PM’s to minor tool repairs and refurbishing. In addition to our staff, Buddeez has partnered with local tool shops for large or more complex tool work. You can rest easy knowing that the Buddeez tool team has your best interest in mind when running and caring for your molds and equipment.

Rail Direct and Dedicated Silos

Buddeez facility is a full service manufacturing plant. Complete with its own Rail Spur – capable of holding upwards of 12 rail cars and Dedicated Silo capacity of nearly 1 Million lbs. For those Buddeez’ customers who require large volume material delivery and storage – Buddeez has Dedicated Rail Car and Silo capacity on site. From raw material to finished product – Buddeez has you covered!


Buddeez prides itself on monitoring its process from receipt of pelletized resin to shipment of finished product. Our quality team becomes very familiar with each customer and their expectations. Our goal is to provide the utmost confidence that our customers products are being manufactured, assembled and packaged to meet and or exceed their requirements and expectations.


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715 West Park Road
Union, Missouri, 63084
p: (636) 583-2583
f: (636) 583-4357

Tell us a little about your project, when you need it and your budget. We’ll strategize with you to provide the most cost effective services to help you reach your goal.